Lawn Maintenance

Brookview  can ensure quality lawn maintenance services at a competitive price.   Equipped with high quality tools and experienced personnel, we can  handle all of your commercial and residential property requests.

Services include:
 Lawn mowing & Trimming
Leaf collection
Spring and fall cleanup
Aquatic pest management
Spreading and/or delivering hardwood bark


Whether  you are seeking new installation or renovation, our landscape design  team will work with you to create an ideal landscape for your home or  business.
Services include:
Professional Landscape Design Services
Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals
Landscape lighting
Retaining walls
Brick paver and natural stone patios
Water features
Tree spade service
Tree/Shrub/Perennial pruning and fertilization

Insect and disease control


Running  the right irrigation system is essential to having a beautiful lawn.   Whether you require new installation or repair on an existing system, we  have the equipment to fit your needs.  Brookviews experience and  service/installation we can provide efficient service to fulfill all  your residential and commercial requests.

Sports Turf Management

Services include:
Synthetic Turf Grooming, De-compacting, and Disinfection
Aeration programs up to 18" in depth
Rebuilding pitching mounds and batters box
Turface installations
Infield grooming
Chalking and painting lines
Liquid treatments: Antimicrobial / Disinfectant sprays
Static charge reducer and moss control


Fertilization/Weed Control

At  Brookview, we realize that every lawn is different, so we offer a  customized fertilizer program for each yard.  Instead of one "blanket"  application, we "spot spray" during every application, reducing the  amount of pesticide on your lawn.  Our environmentally friendly  fertilization system is certified with the Michigan Department of  Agriculture (ID#70052).
Services include:

 Fertilization and Weed Control programs
Insect and Disease Control
Seed Application programs


   Snow & Ice Removal

We offer full service snow removal, seasonal contracts for all your needs.
Services include: