Jim Kooienga, Office Manager

Jim Kooienga is staffed in our office location to gladly answer all of your phone  calls (24/7). If you have a question please feel free to give him a call  or email and he will try to answer it or send you to the person within  our company who can. 

Keith Venema, Lawncare

Keith Venema is the head of our lawncare division. With 12+yrs in the lawncare  industry he understands the correct way to manage crews to be  efficient,  knowledgeable, and capable of producing a quality job well  done. 

Bob Tien, Landscaping

Bob Tien  is our official Landscape Specialist. He has been in landscaping for  12yrs obtaining an Associates Degree in Ornamental Horticulture from  Ferris State University and a Bachelor Degree from Michigan State  University in Horticulture with emphasis in Landscape Design and  Construction.  Bob has a  passion for creating viable outdoor  environments with creative visionary for each unique situation. 

Dan Boes, Irrigation

Dan Boes  has been in irrigation design and construction for 25yrs. Dan brings  his vast knowledge and experience of water flow to make sure your  irrigation system is accurately installed and efficiently working to  obtain all your watering needs.  

Brian Hoyle, Fertilization

Brian Hoyle  has been in the turf grass industry for 11yrs and is in charge of  fertilization, aerification, pest management along with Synthetic Turf  Management.  A degree in Sports Turf Management gives him the proper  insight to determine the right course of action to solve all your turf  grass needs.